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Donut Shop Coffee – 50 Keurig K-Cups for under $30 Shipped

Q. Where can I find the cheapest Donut Shop Coffee k-cups for Keurig brewers?

A. Donut Shop Coffee is made by The Coffee People, a part of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters company. The cheapest Donut Shop Coffee K-cups we know of is $29.99 for a 50 pack at That’s about 60 cents per k-cup, the cheapest you’re going to find in stock at all times without having to spend over $50. (Which is a lot of Donut Shop Coffee to buy at once!) Get 50 Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups for $29.99 with FREE shipping Here.


Q. Why is Donut Shop Coffee the most popular flavor for the Keurig k-cup brewer?

A. It has to do with the roast and flavor profile. Donut Shop Coffee is a medium roast, so it has genuine coffee flavor without being too strong or bitter. Ever notice that coffee at most diners, restaurants, airplanes and donut shops all smell similar? That’s because they’re all medium to dark roasts, and most coffee brewed at home is light roast. Donut Shop Coffee will give you that authentic roast flavor, without bitterness or acidic (sharp/sour) notes. This is why it’s so popular. It has authentic roasted coffee flavor with none of the dark, bitter aftertastes of many roasts. It’s smooth enough to drink black, but also strong enough to hold up to cream, milk and sugar. Donut Shop Coffee is a great everyday coffee – and at $0.60 per cup you’re saving a ton over actually getting it from a donut shop! If you drink a lot of coffee or really like to stock up, you can also buy a 96 count pack for under $55 shipped. That’s about 56 cents per Donut Shop Coffee K-cup – about half the typical supermarket price. Just follow the link above and select the larger box size to get this deal.

You can read more about Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and why their coffee tastes better than most here.